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Biomass boilers

Biomass boilers are now being installed in many new homes and offices as well as in industrial premises to provide a very effective means for architects and local councils to meet their renewable energy targets.

Our new generation biomass boilers are easy to install and easy to operate and can be connected to virtually any existing heating system.

These boilers work very efficiently by burning automatically fed wood pellets, wood chip or other sustainable fuel, producing hot water for your home and heat for your central heating system and helping to counter the impact of climate change.

A biomass boiler can be used independently or in combination with other systems such as a solar hot water panels which are arranged to automatically cut in when there is insufficient solar energy to heat the water.

Solar energy

The heating of domestic hot water by solar thermal energy is  now one of the fastest growing renewable technologies across Europe.

Radiation from the sun is used in a sophisticated DA Services installed solar collector to transfer the maximum amount of energy possible into a fluid circulating through the collector. The energy in the fluid is then used to heat water in a storage cylinder.

Solar thermal technology can work efficiently in our climate to provide between half and three quarters of a typical annual domestic hot water requirement.  This is because it does not rely on direct sunlight but rather on ambient solar radiation.

Ground & air source heating

Ground source heat pumps work by collecting the energy stored in the earth or in the air (in air source heat pumps) and use it to heat water in a cylinder from where it is distributed to your taps, radiators and domestic appliances.

Ground or air source heating is an extremely reliable and constant energy source because it uses the energy stored in the earth or ever-present in the air itself.  

Renewable energy solutions in Yeovil

Our qualified engineers can fit either flat panel or evacuated tube panels and will be able to advise which is most suitable and effective for your particular needs.

Reassuringly, a ground or air source heating system does not create harmful emissions and it uses only a very small amount of electricity to run the pumps themselves.